Can You Spot All 40 Horror Movies?

by on Oct.25, 2020, under Syndicated from the Web

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This meme has been driving me nuts! There are 40 horror films represented in this image. I missed or could not identify 7. And I call myself a horror fan?! The answers are below (no peeking)! 

The answers are…
1. The Pumpkin – Halloween
2. Striped suit – Beetlejuice
3. Lips – Rocky Horror Picture Show
4. Red balloon – IT
5. Butterfly on lamp post – Silence of the Lambs
6. Tricycle – The Shining
7. Hockey mask – Friday the 13th
8. Paws in box – Gremlins
9. Pack against lamp post – Ghostbusters
10. Silhouette under lamp post – The Exorcist
11. Hand – The Addams Family
12. Castle – Dracula
13. Unraveled bandages – The Mummy
14. Mushnik’s shop – Little Shop of Horrors
15. Biohazard sign on chimney – 28 Days Later
16. Headless man – Sleepy Hollow
17. Burning Statue – Wicker Man
18. Green frog comics – The Lost Boys
19. Stick symbol on tree – Blair Witch Project
20. Striped jumper in window -The Nightmare on Elm Street
21. Slaughtered lamb sign – An American Werewolf in London
22. Well – The Ring
23. Mask with red cheeks – Saw
24. Red door knob – The Sixth Sense
25. Bates Motel – Psycho
26. Mask on our octopus – Scream
27. Yellow road sign – Wolf Creek
28. Little doll in window – Chucky
29. Egg shaped object – Alien
30. Hand coming out of ground – Evil Dead
31. Cricket bat and shovel – Shaun of the Dead
32. Car – Christine
33. Mist – The Fog
34. Masked man – The Purge
35. Spider on tree – Arachnophobia
36. Angry mob on hill – Frankenstein
37. Girl with hands on TV – Poltergeist
38. House in background – The Amityville Horror
39. Box in window – Hellraiser
40. Doll on rocking chair – The Conjuring
Please note the octopus wearing the boxing gloves is the logo of the company that designed the picture: Mullenlowe Group.

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