Dark Sacred Energy

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Opening their treasure chests, they offered Him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.   And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they left for their own country by another path.

Matthew 2: 1-12

Pumpkinrot and House of Marrow present…
Halloween 2018: CHURCH

What a Halloween season this has been.  I look back over the last year and I remember the notion of a Haunt called CHURCH (must always be capitalized) forming in my brains.  And I knew my good friend Theo from New Zealand would approve, as he has quite the interest in religious imagery.  Here’s an excerpt from the original email exchange back on December 5, 2017:

Me:  I mentioned before how my brain works…where it comes up with something and then whittles and changes down to something totally different…a portion of the original large idea…. but I did have a notion for next year’s Haunt… the name alone is what would make me do it… ready? haha…

Halloween 2018: CHURCH

how funny is that?

Theo: oh you’re NOT! I’m trying to go to sleep and you drop THIS? (really my fault for always emailing you at like midnight my time)

And there it was.  An idea planted.  And two minds working over the coming months on what such a Haunt should include.  I knew the centerpiece had to be some kind of Triad, but wasn’t sure if it should be some sort of statue of wood and limbs or human remains from a nearby cemetery.  And I knew there had to be two sentinel Angels watching all who approached.  I also knew it had to be ambiguous.  No back story accompanying this Haunt.  No idea why an abandoned church in some overgrown dark woods would be glowing brightly from pumpkins, filthy votives, and prayer candles on Halloween night.  

And I knew it had to have real incense burning on charcoals.  

Though something was happening as Theo and I emailed our concepts back and forth – the Haunt was becoming a two-man job.  And I didn’t realize it at the time.  One day he asked how I’d feel if he visited the States for Halloween, so he could enjoy an American Halloween and see the Haunt in person.  Oddly and out of character [for me], it just seemed natural and logical, so I said ABSOLUTELY YES.  And thank God I did.

Collaborating with Theo made our CHURCH the way you see it in the photos below.  Ideas became solidified.  Form and layout were defined.  Atmosphere and mood were set.  

It was three days of hard work assembling the display.  Extremely hard work (speaking for myself as Theo seemed to have a source of boundless energy).  I could feel my usual Haunting “short cuts” being tested and challenged.  I could feel myself being pushed in every way to make the Haunt bigger, better, more detailed, WAY more organic, and something quite different from all of my Haunts before it.  So many people commented in person and online that this was the best Haunt to date.   And I agree with them.  And it’s due to this wonderful collaboration with Theo.

And of course a special thanks to Bean.  Always an inspiration.  And always making sure this process is fun.  I sat watching her and Theo carving wonderful faces on our pile of pumpkins, sharing music and stories as they carved, and then later watching them photograph the Haunt, knowing CHURCH was in the most capable and creative of hands (ALL digital photos were taken by Theo, and all instant photographs by Bean).  Both are sickeningly talented.  And I’m so grateful.

Also wanted to thank my friend K.O. for sending me a photo of prayer candles one day months ago.  Having them placed along the wooden fencing was a great finishing touch and added so much atmosphere as trick or treaters approached our church in the woods.  

A final thought…
Theo and I were engaged in some wonderful discussions with a visiting neighbor who was very impressed with this weird installation of ours.  She asked so many interesting questions about why and how we did what we did and wanted to know what CHURCH was all about.  As I articulated that for whatever reason it appeared that whomever or whatever decided to make religious iconography from human remains in an abandoned church in the woods , she asked “…but didn’t YOU guys make this?  What do you mean by ‘who’ or ‘what’?”  I answered, “We just don’t know who did this…or why.”  

Our CHURCH is mysterious.

As Theo put it at one point, “It’s like some form of…   Dark Sacred Energy.”

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