Remembering Ben Tramer (1961-1978)

by on Jun.18, 2017, under Syndicated from the Web

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The overwhelming smell of rubber attacked his nostrils and between that and the beer, Ben was ready to puke.  As he continued his slow prowl toward the end of the sidewalk, he took notice of something ahead of him.  As he squinted and blinked hard to clear up his focus, he could make out a belligerent old man running in his direction.  It was alarming at first, but what truly triggered Ben’s immediate flight response was when he saw that the crazed old man was wielding a gun, cocked and aimed right at him.

Feeling extra queasy now, Ben slowly maneuvered his entire body the other way.  He had to get out of the crosshairs.  He had a phone call to make and a girl to spend his future with.  Ben made his way to the street and kept looking back at the old man, who seemed to still be clutching the gun.  Ben kept his eyes locked on the old man, trying to make out what was happening, and by the time he turned back around and looked ahead of him, it was too late.  Haddonfield’s real boogeyman.

The last thing Ben could see was the flashing blue and red lights on top of a police car. With a deafening screech, the car hit Ben, plunging him forward.  Folded over the hood, Ben thought of Laurie.  The police car still didn’t stop.  In fact it didn’t seem to slow down at all.  Within seconds, it was all over for Ben.  The police car crashed directly into a parked white van, pinning him between both vehicles, and immediately sparked a giant explosion, engulfing Ben in flames.

It’s a fact: The most brutal death in any of the nine Michael Myers Halloween films is not caused by Michael Myers.

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