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My favorite movie of all-time is Poltergeist. I saw it in my youth and fell in love with the suburban family, that wicked haunting, and the astounding practical effects. When I heard they were remaking it, I immediately flew into a rage of disbelief. Who in their right mind would attempt to remake a Steven Spielberg film? Yes, Tobe Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) was credited with directing the film, but it’s a known truth that Spielberg held tight control over the film.

But look at the pedigree of behind the remake: produced by Sam Raimi who also produced the excellent Evil Dead remake; directed by Gil Kenan who made Monster House (one of my favorite animated films of all-time); and the cast of incredible talents including Sam Rockwell, Roseamarie DeWitt (a JoBeth Williams dead ringer) and Jared Harris. The rest of the crew has also worked on some of the best horror movies of the last decade, so perhaps this shouldn’t be written off so quickly.

Rather than invite direct comparison, the story has been reimagined and now features a struggling family, The Bowens (goodbye Freelings), who move to an outdated suburban home and are confronted by angry spirits who take their daughter. Enter the TV personality Carrigan Burke (goodbye Tangina), host of a basic cable show Haunted House Cleaners to help them out.

This departure seems to be respectful of the original movie while borrowing it’s template. MGM announced the release date: February 13, 2015, and Jared Harris let it slip out during an interview for The Quiet Ones that it was in 3D but no official announcement or marketing has been released. The filming has wrapped and is in post-production. The early release date ensures that we’ll get the home video release by Halloween.

Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Kennedi Clements, and Jared Harris
Ontario resident who lives on the street where the movie was filming took these pictures.

Is this the tree that ensnarls the young boy? The top half is CGI so it’s possible.

Fan made teaser poster – great concept!

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