1985 Be Something Studios Catalog

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Although only four pages in length, the 1985 Be Something Studios catalog contains a few interesting nuggets. The “Royal Line” was introduced in ’85, and arguably with it ushered in the beginning of the more “modern” wave of BSS masks and a break from many of the simpler masks which had been in the line-up since the late 70’s. These newer style masks were the BSS that I personally remember more from my youth and typically featured more complex sculptures…

Be Something Studios – “Royal Skull”

 The Royal line featured a deluxe two-colored collar, and a hefty price tag in the high $50 range.  In addition to the Royal Line the more simplistic collared “Be” series was introduced with the “Be-Fiend”, “Be-Ghoul”, and “Be-Devil” masks. These would be phased out in just a year or two, and remain quite hard to find. I have only ever seen one for sale over the last several years. I have it in my collection…

Be Something Studios – “Be Fiend”

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