Scary Cookies

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One day I will no longer be invited to holiday cookie swap parties, but until then, I will be bringing scary cookies to unsuspecting merrymakers. I know the season is all about tinsel and jolly reindeer, but is it wrong to include cookies with sparkly blood? Gravefully, Fred & Friends agrees with me and makes some great cookie cutters.

You can use standard gingerbread man cookie cutter and simply use a knife to cut off arms and heads, or form bites. If you are making a lot of cookies, you might want to get Fred’s ABC Gingerbread Cookie Cutters, since it will go a lot faster with a pre-made mold. This is a perfect use for sparkly red blood gel icing. Festive and grisly!

These Gingerdead Men Cookie Cutters make the job easier by employing the cut-n-stamp action – you cut out the shape with one side and stamp the design into the cookie with the other. If you are not great at frosting cookies, these are also much easier to decorate. You make a runny icing and flood (fill in) the indentations. For even less fuss, place a blob of icing on the cookie and run spatula down the front (pressing icing into the indentations and scraping it off the rest of the cookie). Simple!

For Christmas/Coven parties, try this Cursed Cookie Cutter. For an authentic voodoo doll effect, use a toothpick to create holes in the cookie before baking. Once baked, you can easily stick toothpicks into your cookie doll.
Although Dia de los Muertos has passed, decorated skulls make for a rather festive cookie. These Sweet Spirits Cookie Cutters feature more intricate designs that requires quite a few colors of icing to pull off. But even without icing, these cookies look great. 

For advanced cookie makers, these Undead Fred Cookie Cutters gives you the lurching template to start, but your icing skills will be required to fulfill this cookie’s charm. With a little creativity, you can make some truly spectacular zombie cookies. 

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