More Halloween Music for 2013

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Trying to keep up with Halloween music is like herding bats. Here’s a couple more gems that escaped my last list of new haunted holiday music plus a few recent discoveries from last year.

Nightmare Night
by Dark Asylum

Dark Asylum had created some unique orchestral terror music including some pieces that use actual EVPs and sounds of real exorcisms. Eek! That’s some freaky tunes. And as an avid Halloween enthusiast, they makes it a point to give away the previous release when a new one comes along because they want to make sure home haunters always have access to creepy music. Now that is spirit. The latest album is called Nightmare Night is a great listen throughout with the track “Bones” and “Night” as a particular standouts. The new album is available to download for  $7 at Bandcamp.

Monsters of Legend
by Midnight Syndicate

Midnight Syndicate has been making Halloween music since the 1997 and their music is a staple for many haunted attractions and party hosts alike. Like it’s predecessor, Monsters of Legend brings another tightly themed collection of music to harken back to the classic horror movies. The music is all original compositions but they feel like they could have come straight from those Universal Monster films – “Twilight” and Dark Tower” are a few favorites, although this whole album is a triumph at telling aural stories. The album is available on the Midnight Syndicate site, at the iTunes Store, and Amazon.

Mondo Zombie Boogaloo
by The Fleshtones, Southern Culture on the Skids, and Los Straight Jackets

If you looking for alt rockabilly, surf-rock, party-ready, feel-good, 60’s sounding Halloween music, look no further. This is an fantastic and fun collection of instrumentals, redone classics (including Monster Mash in Spanish?!), and originals by the always awesome Fleshtones. Absolute lunacy that this exists and it’s a must have. Available at Amazon and iTunes Store, and for more information visit the Yep Roc Records site.

Newly Discovered Halloween Music for 2013

Halloween Hullabaloo
A Spooktacular Muscial Review

Fans of musical theater should add this album to their rotation of Rocky Horror, Sweeney Todd, and Little Shop of Horrors. These are some funny songs – all original – as performed in the 2010 New York City show. The show is “chock full of terrifyingly brilliant satirical skits and songs about insecure monsters, obese vampires, candy cornaholics, feisty pumpkins, beauty-obsessed monstresses and more.” It’s available at the iTunes Store and Amazon. Unearth more info on their official website.

Halloween’s Gravest Hits
by Various Artists

Unlike many Halloween collections that feature the classics reinterpreted by unknown soundalikes, this collection features original artists (although some are still covers of hits). It’s an eclectic mix of 50s, 60s, and 70s rock, standards, and whatever Alice Cooper is (amazing is what he is). This comes in three versions the standard CD (red cover, 19 tracks), the remastered (green cover, 13 tracks) and the expanded digital edition (purple cover, 46 tracks). It’s available at Amazon and the iTunes store.

Golden Records
Spooky Halloween Hits

Attention parents of trick-or-treaters or kindergarden teachers: if you’ve stumbled on this blog by mistake, here’s a suggestion for you. Check out Golden Records Halloween collection. It’s a vintage retro-blast from the past featuring kid-centric songs from the Golden Era. This would be a perfect album to play while yanking the costumes onto screaming toddlers who have already had too much sugar. At least it might keep them entertained for 38 minutes and 10 seconds while mommy has another sip from her enormous “juice box” bordeaux. Available on Amazon and the iTunes Store.

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