Headhunters Quarterly Issue 12

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The 12th issue of Headhunters Quarterly would arrive back in April 2002. While the production of the magazine had been sporadic during it’s final few issues, it was always well worth the wait. This was among my very favorite issues of HHQ. It would contain some excellent articles from contributors and collectors Dante Renta and William Hayes, as well as a three page article on Death Studios, and finally an interview with mask making veteran Harry Inman.

The issue would start like every previous issue with the Cool New Stuff department. There was some superb talent making masks at the turn of the century in the form of both veterans and new comers alike and many were featured in the first few pages of this issue.

For me personally, it’s fun looking back at this issue as I had brought the Devil’s Workshop back from a 3 year hiatus having just bought my first home and turning the basement into a full mask making studio. The announcement here on page three definitely brings back some good memories! 

Next up would be the “I Own a Doctor Who Monster” article written by William Hayes…

The  three-page “At Death’s Door” article from Jeff and Jim would follow…

This in depth “The Forgotten Calendar Mask” article would follow by Dante Renta… 

The 12th issue of Headhunters magazine would wind down nicely with an interview from Harry Inman…

I believe this was the last issue of HHQ that would make it’s way into the mail (It was the last issue I would receive at the very least). I can’t say enough about how very special it was to receive one of these in the mail. In the days before mask communities started online, this was the only consistent source of info. And even after the rise of mask forums online, it was still a very special thing to crack open the cover of a new HHQ. The magazine had a feel good vibe and was free of the drama and politics that often was found online. A very heartfelt thanks goes out to both Jim and Jeff for taking the time and energy to make these issues come to life. There was plenty of monster mask magic that was spread throughout the hobby and community in the pages of this publication.

On a side note, I received a care package in the mail a week ago containing a number of mask catalogs as well as the two HHQ issues that I did not have in my collection. Over the next few months I will get these issues scanned and posted here thus completing the full Headhunters Quarterly archive online.

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