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It is possible not to spend an arm and a leg on vintage Halloween collectibles (unless you have a few extra arms and legs stuffed in a closet or  in a box somewhere in your basement). With the prices of many pre 1970’s Halloween candy containers getting more and more expensive, there are some deals out there for new collectors just getting into this hobby or people who don’t have the finances to buy items that cost a small fortune. Here are a couple of examples:
What we have here are two items that fit the bill of being a vintage (or being close to the realm of vintage as they were made in 1990…almost 23 years old) Halloween items that are easy on the pocketbook. The Milky Way pumpkin trick or treat pail was made by Mars candy. The Hershey’s Kiss candy container made for a cute little candy dish. 

Both of these items are fairly common. These examples both sold for around ten dollars recently (a fairly reasonable price for a near vintage Halloween item in good). Although these items are a little too cute for my taste (I tend to like slightly scarier looking vintage Halloween items), I think they would look good displayed in a shelf with other Halloween items.

One of the extra nice qualities of these items are their link with advertising…There are many advertising collectors out there, and I always get a kick out of seeing companies that put their logo on a Halloween item or run a promotion with Halloween imagery. The link with advertising certainly won’t hurt the values of items like (especially as the years tick by). 

Mars did make a few other versions of their trick or treat pails (a ghost and a green goblin….of which the goblin tends to be a bit more rare and usually sells for closer to twenty bucks). 

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