The Day After Halloween

by on Nov.01, 2012, under Syndicated from the Web

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We woke to find restored cable, phone, and television.  Finally catching up on everything.  Been a crazy weird week. 

We had started decorating yesterday morning and then some of the neighbors let us know our township rescheduled Halloween for Friday night.  So we didn’t put out any of the props, just the witch jars and the cornstalks, and we had planned to light the softening jackos. 

I have to admit to being pretty bummed about Halloween being postponed.  Something just seemed off about that decision.  So we watched old dvr’d episodes of Paranormal Witness and horror movies from our collection.   

A door bell ringing.  

Kids were trick-or-treating.  It was Halloween sunset, and they were coming.  You know those dreams a Haunter has, where you’re running around trying to set up your display while kids are coming for candy?  Well, that was us.  Bean lighting pumpkins and witch jars, and me trying to set up the fogger and position the Witches.  I tripped over a flower pot in the bushes and fell on my face…  I heard Bean say “It’s like that dream!” and we laughed.  It was hectic, but not stressful.  It was fun.  And funny.

Halloween came.  Despite the township.  Despite the stupid hurricane. 

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Hope everyone had a Wonderful and Happy and Safe Halloween.

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