Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights

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The Winchester Mystery House Fright Nights is the San Francisco Bay Area’s BEST haunted attraction – yes, even better than the Pirates of Emerson!

First off, the attraction is located on the grounds of the legendary Winchester Mystery House, a real mansion in the heart of San Jose where much paranormal activity has been documented. This sprawling house has been the subject of several documentaries, a Ghost Adventures special, and even an upcoming movie. Its bizarre history and that of Sarah Winchester is mind-boggling. (I can personally attest to its being haunted. When I last visited the house, a door in the ballroom opened in front of my eyes. The docent confirmed that the door in question is kept locked. Creepy!)

The haunted maze, called Curse of Sarah Winchester: Resurrection, features over 100 live actors and is built around the periphery of the house. Every imaginable detail is thoughtfully produced. Scene after scene introduce us to fully realized visions of mayhem or beautifully detailed Halloween landscapes, and of course, everything is blanketed by eerie fog. I won’t give away any of the frights inside, but they are highly effective and always unexpected. Even a seasoned veteran like myself was left rattled and awe-struck.

The ticket price ($45!) is likely to scare away many patrons but rest in peace that you are getting your money’s worth. You can even re-enter the maze if you like, which I’m told “changes”several times a night. Beyond the haunted maze, you also get the rare chance to take a self-guided tour through the mansion itself… in the dark… with only a tiny souvenir flashlight to aid you. (Typically strict docents lead tour groups through the house.) As I walked through, I found myself straying from my friends. It was positively dreadful to be in that mansion all alone even for a few minutes.

This is the MUST-ATTEND haunt of the season! For more information, visit the Winchester Mystery House site.

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