Happy halloween!

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Happy Halloween everyone!!! Today is a special day that children and adults look forward to all year. Make it a special day today! Do something fun! Are you going Trick or Treating (or escorting some young goblins…maybe handing out treats) this evening? If you are, may I offer some suggestions to keep you safe and having a great time……
First off, be kind to those little goblins at your door! Make sure you put your porch light on if you intend to give out candy, and if you don’t, it’s a good idea to keep your porch light off. If you don’t have candy, spare change is nice (even if you only give a penny or two…kids love to get money). If you are against candy, you could always buy an inexpensive set of plastic Halloween toys and hand those out. If you are going to hand out something homemade like popcorn balls or cookies, it’s a good idea to label the bag with your name and address or phone number. 
Take a look at this cool candy bag…an A&W Munsters bag! What cool ghoul wouldn’t want that?!? No worries if you don’t have such a neat item laying around your home. You can always use a pillow case. Many of the grocery stores also have paper and plastic Halloween bags this time of year. Just double them up, and you’ve got yourself a nice candy bag. If you don’t have one of these, you can always use a bucket (sturdy, and it holds lots of candy).
You also want to make sure people (especially in cars) can see you! Here’s a cool Eveready flashlight. If you don’t have one like this, a regular one works fine, and a glow stick is nice too!

To everyone around the globe who lets this time of year be a magical and fun time to run around and have fun, eat some candy, catch a good scary movie, have a party, eat some creepy treats, and be a little less serious, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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