Wicket is part of the family!!

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Its official, Wicket is part of our family. He has joined the ranks of the Boo Spooky household.  It became official last Monday the 9th of April.
The adoption process can be grueling for many as Ghoul Friday can attest to.  I was one of the lucky ones, I believe it was under a week for me to be united with the little man, although it seemed like a month, of course this was after he had been in rescue for a couple of months getting healthy and being neutered.
Wicket is a Brussels Griffon rough coat but as for his history, he is roughly 5 years old but that is a guess. The reason for not knowing is due to him coming from a Hoarding/Cruelty case. The 39 dogs and 50 some birds were seized back in January, you can read more here.  Vickie Young of Polar Pug Rescue, was only allowed to tell me what the public knows about the case, concerning his history, since she is part of the ongoing case due to taking in some of the rescues.
But… I have done research on my own on these two men that were charged. It disgust’s me that they are still out there showing dogs.  Yes, they are/were breeders of several different types of dogs, the Brussels Griffon being one of them. I have disliked breeders for numerous reasons, for many years. Mainly due to seeing the outcome of backyard breeders and unethical breeders with my own eyes when I was a Vet Tech asst. I vowed to never go to a breeder, but found myself falling in love with a Chinese Crested and felt obligated to ‘rescue’ her from her situation…which I did.

I digress… I could go on and on about the importance to adopt a rescue dog or a shelter dog. There are numerous pets out there waiting, let alone deserving of a loving home.

Without further ado, here is the man himself… WICKET!!

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