Viscoloid Celluloid Halloween!

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Celluloid. Do you know what celluloid was primarily used for when it first came out?…Combs. But that did change after a while. The Viscoloid Company was incorporated in 1901, and made a lot of combs in the early years. Around 1910-1912, they started producing toys and novelties. 

Leominster, Massachusetts was the home of The Viscoloid Company. By the way, the city of Leominster has a very (and I mean very) rich history when it comes to producing some iconic makers of Halloween items (but I will save that for another blog). Viscoloid merged with the DuPont company in 1925, and continued to produce some Halloween novelty toys, but his began to fade way in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

So what’s this all mean for the collectors of Vintage Halloween Toys? I’ll tell you what it means…It means that some of the older Halloween toys in existence are made from celluloid, and they just happen to be some of the cooler items that are available (when you can find them). Not many of these highly detailed and classic celluloid toys have survived. Christmas and Easter celluloid items and toys are more common to find than Halloween, because Halloween wasn’t nearly as popular in the early part of the 20th century. 

When these vintage (actually antique items due to their age) Halloween celluloid toys do turn up, they command a premium price. Here’s a great little celluloid Halloween witch driving a car. This one sold online for the very reasonable price of $237.  I hope to add some celluloid Halloween toys to my collection someday. They’re super cool!

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