Universal Halloween Horror Nights Announces New Silent Hill Maze!

by on Sep.11, 2012, under Syndicated from the Web

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I woke up this morning to find this news-alert e-mail from Universal Halloween Horror Nights.  At the San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that one of the new mazes at both the Hollywood and Orlando locations will be based on the video game franchise SILENT HILL!

If you’re a regular reader of Halloween Addict, you know what a fan I am of this line of video games.  To quote myself from THIS earlier post:  “I’ve been a fan of the Silent Hill franchise since it first scared the
crap out of me on its maiden voyage into madness on the Playstation.”

I still agree with myself.

I think this is a perfect license for Universal Halloween Horror Nights to bring to life.  In my opinion, Universal puts a level of detail into their work that really feels like you’ve entered the movie or game.

If you’ve seen the film (it’s available on Crackle to stream for free if you haven’t), or played the games, you know there’s some great possibilities for immersive scares:

  • A room full of frozen nurses to walk through… 
  • A strategically placed radio with a crackling sound to let you know that monsters are coming… 
  • A heavy fog that gives you limited visibility… 
  • The far off wailing air raid siren…
  • Rooms that change to a hellish version of themselves…
  • Freaking Pyramid Man pursuing you relentlessly…

Check out the officially released announcement video HERE or in the embed below for a bit more info.

I can’t wait to enter this nightmare.

Here’s to hoping they work in some subtle stuff too like that squeaking ghost-baby from the first game.
Jeez, what WAS that thing???

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