Holiday Gift Guide: POSTERS AND ART for a Halloween Addict

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If there’s one way to keep a Halloween decoration up year ’round without –ahem– “normal” people thinking twice about it it’s through ART.  Or if you live in Boston:  AHHHT.
Here are ten posters I’ve found that you may want to pick up for that special Halloween Addict in your life.  They range from super-cheap to super-pricey but in the end, it’s a gift most won’t be expecting and most won’t do for themselves.

Be sure to take it to your local Frames-Frames-Frames-And-More (they sell frames) and get it professionally er, framed as it’s much more fun to open a gift shaped like a giant rectangle than it is to open something looking like a wrapped rocket launcher.

And now… ahhhhhht:


I posted a heads up about this back HERE in early October.
I love Tom’s work and his sense of dynamic design (so much so, I had him design the logo at the top of this very website).

The good news is that his take on the Peanuts classic is gorgeous and is a perfect tribute to one of the best animated Halloween specials ever made.
The bad news is that the poster is sold out.
The good news is that you can still find the poster on eBay.
The bad news is that it usually goes for around $150-$300.
But if you have the ultimate Great Pumpkin fan and Halloween Addict, money may be no object.
So get your auction biddn’t finger ready and go snag one of these limited edition prints. 


I mentioned Greg Guillemin’s minimalistic “Famous Capsules” line HERE.  Take a movie and enCAPSULATE (see?) it one little pill.
Though I have the multiple horror movie poster pictured, you can also get one of just the Halloween capsule too.

Cost is only $48 for movie-poster-size, or get a tiny 8″x9″ for less then twenty bucks.
Available HERE st

For the low-low price of 10 smackeroos, you can have the ultimate Seek-and-Find for Halloween, Horror and Videogame geeks.

I talked about it HERE but as a reminder:  this 34″x13.5″ marvel is packed to the gills with so many film and nostalgia references, you’ll spend large chunks of your life staring into its cluttered madness. 

Click over to i-Mockery HERE to get yours.


The great thing about Mondo posters is that they’re almost always awesome.
The bad thing about Mondo posters is that they sell out in 2.6 blinks.
But like the Peanuts poster above, you can find most of what you seek on the bay that is “e.”

Check out the archive HERE first to find out what you want to try and find and then head over to eBay being sure to bring your non-maxed-out credit card.
Mondo posters are HIGHLY collectible and sought after so you’re going to need to pay for the privilege of owning one.

Example:  THIS immaculate Drew Struzan Frankenstein is currently going for upwards of $900.
Also check out THIS Halloween which just sold for around $315 on the auction site.


I just recently discovered and all the artists who post their work on it. 
Like THIS art print called “Keep Out” by Rouble Rust. 
She’s charging a little over a $100 for a poster print from her original painting.  That can go up more depending on if you want an archival paper stock or the print delivered framed.

A great place to discover artists and a plethora of Halloween-related material.
Go to HERE


I interviewed Lew back in March HERE, about what he does and how he does it.  Though it may be too late to get your house haunted by Lew in time for the holidays, you can certainly order up some prints of his various haunted abodes and locations.

Signed Premiere Limited Edition prints will run you upwards of $150 but you can also purchase Medium Format prints for a more budget-conscious $59. 
Head over to HERE.


Measuring 14″ x 36″ and filled with 149 tiny white silhouettes of various baddies from horror, legends, videogames and comics THIS poster from will certainly be a conversation starter.
“Who’s the 3rd one down, 6th over?”
“Oh that’s Shiva.”

A slight investment at $48 but it’s printed on “Black French Muscletone Paper” which sounds faaaaancy.


When I think of PEZ candy and dispensers, I think of Halloween.
So when I found 42Brushes’ 11″ x 14″ print called “How Would You Eat PEZ” I thought it was pretty great.

You’ve got a full moon, a vampire, a PEZ dispenser.
Heck if PEZ wanted to amp up their ad campaign at Halloweentime, this would be a perfect print ad.

It’s only $6 HERE on Etsy which Mad Magazine would call “Cheap.”


With a style that fluctuates between cartoony and tawdry, Bob Lizarraga’s art is certainly fun to look at.

Pictured left is a print called “Zeke’s Mask” but be sure to check out other fun and scary twists on The Three Stooges, Bettie Page, The Haunted Mansion and more.

Prints are generally under $20 but originals will run up to $200. 
Head over to HERE.


I’ve always loved‘s collection of vintage Halloween and Spook Show advertisement art. 

Though most of the artwork is only available as mousepads and t-shirts, there are a few (like the classy “At Midnight…” to the left) which are available through Zazzle as posters and prints.
Costs are low too, only $25 for movie poster size and less for smaller.  Plus Zazzle let’s you see what a hanging version looks like in a virtual living room.
Heyyyy, how’d Zazzle know I have pink striped couch?

I only had 10 slots to fill, but Google around and you can find tons more Halloween-inspired imagery to hang in your office, living room, apartment or home.
Now get going.
The holiday clock is ticking.

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