Halloween at Christmas!

by on Dec.19, 2011, under Exclusive Haunted October Blogs, Pumpkin Photos

Halloweenify your holidays!

If you’re like us at Netherworld Haunted House, you live for Halloween. You cannot wait for October to roll around, for the leaves to turn, the air to cool off, and independent pumpkin patches to sprout up along the highways. The rest of the year serves as nothing more than an eleven month waiting period for your favorite day to arrive.

But why wait? 364 days is far too long to endure while you plot and prepare your home haunt and the latest and greatest jack-o-lantern designs. With just a little bit of imagination, you can turn every holiday into a Halloween-infused celebration. Don’t let the greeting card companies dictate the aesthetic of your monthly festivities – with year’s end decorating in full swing, let’s take a quick look at a few ways to “Halloweenify” your holidays, and make every celebration feel like 10/31!

First of all, forget silver, gold, red and green. There’s no rule that says your Christmas tree can’t flourish in orange and black. If you’re going the artificial route, there are a number of different color options available, including black.
A white or red tree can make a dynamic base for your Halloween holiday tree, as well, depending on how you intend to accent it. You may wish to start with some red icicles, or for an even eerier effect try glow-in-the-dark icicles

Now you’ve prepped the canvas – time to spice it up!

Ornaments are an easy outlet for your creative expression. You can turn pretty much any Halloween icon into a tree-ready bauble, with a little bit of finesse. Rubber bats, mini skulls, or even plastic toy spider rings can be used to adorn the branches. If you feel crafty, a quick search online will produce tons of vintage Halloween images. Simply print them out and cut them to fit a frame ornament, available at most hobby stores . If you prefer straight-from-the-box to do-it-yourself, there a few companies that offer stylish Halloween ornaments .

If your tree lights don’t give off heat, why not string up that leftover candy corn for a different type of garland (don’t want a dripping mess one evening!)? And you can always pull out those strings of jack-o-lantern patio lights to drape on your tree or fireplace mantle.

Tree topper? How about a decorative pumpkin or black cat candy bucket? Just cut a small hole in the bottom, slide it over that top bough, and you’re all set. Or a grinning skull in a Santa hat may be more to your liking – the possibilities are endless. However you choose to spruce up your spruce for the season, there are plenty of options available to make it a unique statement and help continue to enjoy Halloween into the New Year (speaking of which, there’s no need to count down the seconds watching a shiny ball drop – a leering jack-o-lantern can be just as effective).

Of course, you can always add a splash of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or some fine Krampus gear for a bit of flair in your Halloween-themed holidays – there’s a fair amount of items to be found around the web to make that happen. So whether you decide to cram a bit of spookiness into this year’s season, or start planning for your 2012 holidays, we hope you’re able to unleash a little mad-scientist skill and enjoy All Hallow’s year round!

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