FIVE Scary Snowflake Patterns

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One of my fondest memories of elementary school was being taught how to cut snowflake patterns out of folded white paper. 

The first time I made one I thought I was freakin’ Merlin. 
“MAGIC!  I have performed magic using only these scissors and this plain piece of white paper!  Voila!  Look at my craft and bow down before me!” I thought… in my head, not aloud.  Tsk.  As if.  They would have locked me up had I bellowed that like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes…

The thought I had soon after cutting out a few, and I swear this is true, was, “Hmmm… I wonder how I can make scary stuff using the same trick.” 
Well YEARS later, and thanks to the wide wide world o’ webs, people have been doing that very thing. 

So here are links to 5 different SCARY SNOWFLAKES you can make to scarify your tree, decorate your place, or to just give a little Halloween twist to the holiday.


Thanks to the good folks at you can download a free PDF template for your own zombie snowflake. 

I like the alternating zombie head and hand.  And, hey, if one head or hand is accidentally torn off… well all the better.
That’s what we call a “happy accident.”

Click HERE to go to and download the template.


This is a little different as it can be made with two different paper colors and can be modified to make three different flakes.

The one pictured is just bats and ghosts the link within a link takes you to a choice of three: ghost and bat, cat and bat, jack and bat. 

Go to HERE to get the how-to and the link to a template. 


While looking for “scary snowflakes” I found a pic of this particular character and thought it was some sort of witch.  Imagine my surprise when I clicked through and found out that this snowflake is based on a Star Wars character called Ahsoka Tano. 
Jeez… when I don’t know a Star Wars character… I’m gettin’ old. 

SO you can take it as a Star Wars character, or put your blinders on and pretend it’s a witch or zombie woman.  Shhh… don’t worry… I won’t tell.

Get the template HERE at


Leave it to The Nightmare Before Christmas to inspire this one.

Our good friends who like to teach stuff,, have cracked the code to making your very own spider snowflake just like the one Jack Skellington makes in N.B.C.

Click HERE for a link with visual how-to at


What kind of list of Scary Snowflakes list would this be if I didn’t at least have a jack o’ lantern-centric one?
Well the good news is that this jack o’ lantern wreath/snowflake is awesome.
The bad news is that there’s no information on how to make your own.  No instructions, no templates. 
Just a few pictures of the beautiful work.

If you’ve got the time or know of how to do such a thing, let me know.
Otherwise, we’ll just all have to gaze at its awesomeness HERE at

So get cuttin’, Merlin.

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